Committed follower

Commitment – to give in trust or charge
In a day where most people shy away form the word commitment, I am reminded of two of biggest commitments I have ever made. The first I want to talk about is when I chose to commit to my best friend, my beautiful wife, Leann. Up to this point I had not met a women that I would commit my life to. I had not had a very high opinion of women. It was hard to imagine that I am choosing to be tied to one women for the rest of my life. AHHHH! That is how I felt , but I knew that is what I wanted, she was the only one for me. Now going on 19 years of being married and committed to the greatest women I know, I would not have it any  other way. The next commitment I want to mention is the commitment I made to Jesus Christ. In 1991 I was going to take my life and I heard Jesus say I lay before you LIFE and death, choose now. I chose life but I knew that it was more than that. Jesus said to His disciples if anyone CHOOSES to follow after me they must deny themselves. I didn’t know what that would mean, but I could and would learn. It changed my life forever. I ask you: are you a fan or a follower? Life is waiting for you.