Let’s face it, meeting new people can be hard and uncomfortable, but we believe that God created us to live in relationship with one another so we can grow in faith, be there for each other through life’s ups and downs, and to serve others. It is part of our design to connect with others and Freedom Church want to make that easy for you.


Freedom youth

FreedomYouth is where teens can meet the excitement of Jesus. We will have a blast discovering who God is and what His Word teaches. We believe, that living out Biblical principles translates to having teens who reach out by showing the love of Jesus in practical ways. It is our purpose to help foster a Spirit filled life that is overflowing with the joy of our Heavenly Father. We would love to be a part of your journey as you develop your unique spiritual walk!


Freedom women

Women are created and born for relationship, designed by God to pursue the full life He offers. Freedom Women encourage one another, empowering one another in our unique gifts to strengthen our relationships: domestic, spiritual, church body, and community; in a lifelong process of drawing closer to God and becoming more Christ-like.


Freedom Men

Most men spend their lives desperately searching for purpose—that elusive flame that smolders deep within. Cave time exists to kindle fire in the hearts of men. As a man, Your masculinity will be attacked and assaulted—on every front, and you will need some help. You need to learn to escape, regroup, recoup, and fight back. Every man needs help. Cave time is a call to you and to every man. It’s a call to show up and live like what you were created to be. When David was under assault he escaped to The Cave, a place of refuge.

Come to the cave . . . God is waiting for you there.