Our Team


Tim & Leann Winton, senior Pastors

Tim was born and raised in Kokomo, IN. His third grade teacher told him that he was dumb and never would amount to anything in life. This affected Tim’s view on life moving forward, which all changed on August 8, 1991, at 8:10 pm with a bottle of prescription pills in his hand ready to take his life when he heard Jesus say, “Life and death is before you, choose”. He chose Life and surrendered his world to God that night.

He met Leann, his wife and best friend, in early 1992 and they were married in August, 1993. Tim then enlisted in the USAF thinking that it was his career; however, God had other plans. He served for four and half years until he was medically discharged.

Going into the ministry from that point, Tim and LeAnn served as children pastors, youth pastors, young adult pastors and as associates pastors. God led them to birth their first church in the Dayton, OH area in 2003 and served that community until 2009 when God birthed what is now known as Freedom Church.

They have a heart for God and His presence and desire to connect people to God and others. Their mission is simple: Bring people to Jesus, train them and release them to do the same.


Emily Torres

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Jennifer Edwards

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